5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Vacuum

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5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Vacuum 2

Industrial vacuum cleaners are something that all industrial properties should have. They will not just help you in maintaining cleanliness. You can also use a heavy duty industrial vacuum to maintain a safe working environment. These powerful machines are capable of handling large volumes of dust and debris. They can also handle hazardous materials, which ordinary vacuum cleaners can’t handle. As you try to buy a Drum Top Vacuum, you will notice quite a few options available in the market. Here are 5 key factors that you should consider when picking the best vacuum out of them.

Understand the type of debris and application

Before taking a look at an industrial vacuum cleaner, you need to learn about your requirement for having one. This is where you need to understand the type of debris that you have to deal with. Industrial facilities have unique requirements for cleaning. The industrial vacuum specifications should match your requirements. The Vacuum’s Performance in Various Industrial Environments would vary. You should also keep this in mind.

For example, you may be dealing with fine particles at your facility. This is something common in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. In such a situation, you should be buying an industrial vacuum with HEPA filters. This vacuum filtration system is capable of trapping fine particles that are even small as 0.3 microns. With such an industrial vacuum in place, you can easily create a safe environment.

Multiple industrial vacuum brands can cater to your requirements. It is better to stick to a brand that you can trust. Spilvac is one such brand. They offer a variety of industrial vacuums to the market. Upon understanding the capacity and size of industrial vacuums you need; it is possible to look for them under the Spilvac brand.

Airflow and suction power

Vacuum suction power and airflow are two important factors that determine cleaning efficiency. Airflow refers to the volume of air that your vacuum cleaner can move within a given period. Cubic feet per minute is its unit of measurement. It is better to get a vacuum with a higher airflow. Then you can get the vacuum cleaner to do a better job. Along with that, you should also be mindful of the noise level in industrial vacuums.

Suction power refers to the ability that your industrial vacuum has in lifting heavy debris. It is also better to stick to an industrial vacuum with higher suction power. Then you can handle large volumes of debris effectively.

Mobility and portability in industrial vacuums

It is important to be mindful of the user-friendliness of industrial vacuums. This is where you need to take a look at the size and portability. With the right industrial vacuum cleaner, day-to-day cleaning work at the industrial facility will not be challenging for you.

If you want to cover a larger area, going for a backpack or wheeled vacuum would be a better choice. It offers convenient manoeuvrability. You can also reduce operator fatigue. Along with this, you should also take a look at the safety features of industrial vacuums.

If you have to clean confined spaces or areas with limited access, you should go for a lightweight and compact industrial vacuum. It should offer flexible attachments and hoses. You should also consider the length of the power cord.

Noise level

Industrial vacuum cleaners will produce a considerable amount of noise. Excessive noise can disrupt your employees. This is why you should not just focus on the efficiency of industrial vacuums. Make sure that you also take a look at the noise-reduction features available in the vacuum. For example, it can have insulated motors. Or else, you can get a vacuum made with sound-dampening materials.

Maintenance and filtration system

Regular maintenance of the industrial vacuum is important to use it for a longer time. This is why you need to consider the warranty and service for industrial vacuums. Regular maintenance requirements include motor cleaning, filter replacement, and general servicing. Some of the vacuums will come with self-cleaning filter systems. Such a vacuum will keep you away from frequent filter changes.

Final words

Now you are aware of the most important factors to consider when getting an Light Workshop Floor Cleaning Vacuum. When comparing different industrial vacuums, you should consider these factors. Then you can end up finding the best vacuum cleaner that can cater to your needs. It will help you to make your industrial facility a safe place for everyone.