10 Myths About Period Underwear Debunked

The Internet is filled with lots of information. People share their experiences through their articles and viewers take references from them. But believing in every piece of information over the internet is not a wise decision. There are lots of web pages that share annoying and unique information in their web pages so that they can attract views to their sites.

In this context, there are various myths spread over the internet regarding Period underwear. People believe in this information and avoid using Period underwear. In this discussion, we’re going to tell you about some of the major myths about period underwear that stops you from using these revolutionary products during your menstrual period.

Myth 1:- Person still loses blood after wearing period underwear

This is one of the biggest myths regarding period underwear that a person still loses blood after wearing period underwear. Well, it’s not true. Period underwear is made with high-quality material that ensures complete protection from any kind of leakage. So, if a woman wears period underwear then she’ll get complete protection from any kind of leakage. So, if you’re avoiding the use of period underwear because you think that it leaks then don’t worry. Period underwear is completely safe.

Myth 2:Period Underwear smells bad after use

Many people avoid using period underwear because they think that period underwear smells very bad once used. This generates hesitation among people regarding safety concerns. Let us tell you that it’s just a myth. Period underwear didn’t smell bad, you can easily use them again and again after washing them.

If you wash it gently then it never smells and feels like you’re using period underwear for the post time.

Myth 3:Other products are still necessary

People who are the first users of period underwear still use sanitary pads and tampons as an extra supplement. Well, doing these things is good but unnecessary. If you have paid the price to buy period underwear then you’re all set. You don’t have to pay any amount for buying other products like sanitary pads and tampons.

If you’re a beginner then we suggest you use period underwear during your period at night and see the results in the morning. We’re sure that you’ll be amazed by the results.

Myth 4:- Increased mood swings and cravings after wearing Period underwear

Well, lots of less-conscious dudes on the internet spread the news that due to period underwear, the rate of mood swings and cravings get increased. It’s a completely false statement that doesn’t deliver any meaning.

During periods, every girl faces mood swings and cravings and it’s normal. There is no reason to blame period underwear for having mood swings and cravings during periods. So, don’t worry about this, the use of period underwear is completely safe and secure.

Myth 5:- Don’t do physical activities while wearing period underwear

This is also a myth because period underwear is not a packet that collects your menstrual fluid that can be exploded while performing the exercise. Period underwear attains absorbing materials that absorb your menstrual fluid and lock it until you wash it.

Yes, going extreme workouts during periods while wearing period underwear is prohibited. This doesn’t mean that doing any kind of physical activity is prohibited while wearing period underwear. You can easily go for a long walk or run while wearing period panties without any worry.

Myth 6:- Wearing period underwear increases your cramps

This is also one of the biggest myths which are spread over the internet that people seem to claim that due to period wear, they face highly painful cramps during the menstrual period. Period underwear is made with superb soft material which is completely adjustable. So, if you’re not using period underwear because you think that you face a higher amount of cramps during the menstrual period then it’s not true. Period underwear is completely safe and adjustable.

Myth 7:- Damages the skin around the ovary 

There are lots of articles available over the internet which claim that using period underwear will damage your skin, but it is not true. Periods underwear is made with super soft material which is designed to provide super comfort and a heavy absorption guarantee to its user.

Period Underwear is made with superb soft material that doesn’t damage your skin. It feels superbly comfortable while wearing period underwear.

Myth 8:- it leaves strains while washing periods underwear

Well, this depends upon your washing style. If you didn’t have to wash it gently, and it leaves strips then it doesn’t mean that every period underwear leaves strain. The best way to wash period underwear is to put it in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes and then go for regular washing. You can also go for bleaching (Not for colored period panties) while washing period underwear, and you’ll get completely washed and completely hygienic period underwear to use again.

Myth 9:- This may cause Virginal Disease if used for a long time

No that’s not true, the design and materials used in designing period underwear never harm the body in any possible way. It is completely safe and certified. Every female who faces a menstrual period can use period underwear instead of using any other traditional equipment because it is completely safe to use and doesn’t cause any disease for a long time.

Myth 10:- Only women can wear period underwear

Who says that only women can wear period underwear? Women are not the only ones who face periods every month, there are lots of young girls who face menstrual pain and leakage of menstrual fluid when they become adults. So, girls feel free to use period underwear during their periods.

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