10 Best Mobile AI Art Generator Apps

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10 Best Mobile AI Art Generator Apps 2

AI art generators have gained immense popularity for their ability to transform text inputs into striking visuals, benefiting both casual users and businesses alike. These software applications, powered by artificial intelligence, offer diverse art styles and rely on extensive image analysis to identify patterns and characteristics. 

This article delves into the top ten mobile AI art generators available for Android and iOS, perfect for entertainment or professional use.

Key Takeaways

  • AI art generators are software applications that use artificial intelligence to convert text prompts into visually captivating images with various art styles.
  • Numerous AI art generator apps are available for Android and iOS, suitable for leisure, business, and even NFT creation.
  • Providing accurate and detailed prompts is crucial for achieving effective and realistic results from AI art tools.

Ten Best AI Art Generators

  1. Wonder

Wonder AI is an AI image generation software that is simple to use on both Android and iOS. You input a text prompt and choose from various art styles, including Pen and Ink, Novelistic, Magic, Cinematic, and more, much like other comparable applications. When you enter the text and select the style, the artwork will automatically display on the screen.

  1. DeepArt

DeepArt is a great option for quickly and easily transforming ordinary images into stunning works of art. This unique program can turn any photograph into a visually stunning masterpiece using powerful machine learning technology. DeepArt may imitate various styles, from classical ones like oil paintings and impressionism to more contemporary ones like geometric patterns and abstract art.

  1. Lensa

Lensa is a well-liked AI-powered app for making AI avatars from user-provided photos. The advanced Stable Diffusion deep-learning model is used by this helpful tool. To get started, users upload a few selfies, which are then analyzed by the app in conjunction with the CLIP picture library and used to generate photographs in various creative styles.

  1. StarryAI

StarryAI is another powerful text-to-art AI picture generator, and it’s accessible as an app for both Android and iOS. 

The software is not only simple to operate, but it also allows users to save and share their finished pictures from within the app itself. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the artwork is remarkable, notwithstanding the occasional error. Interestingly, StarryAI can also be used to make NFTs.

  1. Craiyon

Although you might not be familiar with the term “Craiyon,” the website formerly known as “DALL-E Mini” has recently been relaunched under the Craiyon moniker after receiving positive feedback online. There are now applications and a website where users may access this AI-powered artwork creator. However, the app is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which automatically loads the website when opened.

  1. Bing

Backed by an “advanced version” of OpenAI’s DALL-E model, Microsoft has now released an AI-powered image generator for Bing. Users of Bing’s image maker may now build AI graphics by instructing a chatbot on what they want the image to depict.

  1. TikTok

TikTok, like other social media platforms, is always innovating to keep users interested. One of its more exciting features is the app’s capacity to use your images as the basis for artificial intelligence-created artwork. When users add filters to their photos, TikTok uses those images as the basis for stunning films with unique animation effects. Select a photo, apply a filter, and enjoy the transformation.

  1. AI Picasso

Another AI-powered artwork generator that uses the Stable Diffusion model is AI Picasso. The app’s interface is pretty standard. However, there is some variety in the art styles available to users. Notably, the software is supported by ads, and to make an image, users must first view a 30-second commercial. In a positive light, creating a picture takes next to no time and costs nothing. 

  1. Dream

Dream by Wombo has a sleek design that showcases its products without sacrificing usability. The variety of painting styles this AI-powered generator provides is one of its many strengths. They even have a Ghibli art style. However, the results may not be great. 

  1. Make AI Art

The final application on our list, Make AI Art, is an awesome picture generator that uses Stable Diffusion, Runway Diffusions, DALL E Mini, and more. This program has just been updated to include Karlo Diffusion, a text-to-speech picture model that uses DALL E 2 approaches, adding to its reputation for producing high-quality AI images. 

What Is A Text Prompt?

The quality of text prompts heavily influences AI art tools’ effectiveness. Thoughtful and precise prompts enable the AI model to generate accurate and realistic images. These prompts are guidelines for machine learning algorithms, directing them toward specific outputs by offering cues like colour or subject matter.

When creating a prompt, ensure it identifies the subject, provides sufficient detail about surroundings, and specifies the desired art style. Addressing these factors increases the likelihood of receiving artwork that aligns with your vision.

Finishing Thoughts

In conclusion, AI art generators are fantastic tools for both individual leisure and professional needs. With proper guidance, the results can be remarkable and useful for your purposes. So don’t be shy about trying these applications and exploring the creative possibilities they provide.